Knob and tube removal cost

With Knob and tube wiring, there are many factors that figure into the cost of rewiring a house. Some of the variables which need to be investigated would start with the actual amount of knob and tube remaining in the house. The next thing you would want to look at is the overall style of the house. In other words is there a full size basement available with open rafters? The next thing to consider is how many stories is it? Is it a rancher? Is it a two story? Is it aknobandtube njec three story with a walk up attic? Generally a house with a open rafter basement and an unfinished attic would present somewhat lesser challenges when it comes to rewiring your New Jersey house that has knob and tube wiring. Outlets and switches can usually be fished from the basement to the first floor without too much if any at all disruption to the wall surfaces on the first floor, The ceiling lights and fans along with porch sconces and mantel light on the first floor will present more of a challenge since there is no access from below or the story above unless you are in a rancher.. The second floor in a house that has an unfinished and unfloored accessible attic is also in a decent shape when it comes to rewiring. Generally we would try to fish wires up to the attic and then down to the respective areas on the second floor including the bathroom hallway bedrooms and any closets that would require electricity.. Inevitably most homes will require a certain amount of holes made in the walls to run the new circuits. We always try to keep the amount of holes to a minimum, but realistically you would need to expect to have some patching to do.

The cost involved can varied widely but for budgeting purposes you should figure around $175- per opening for outlets and single pole switches on the first floor.